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Revival of Judgments

In order to keep a judgment viable and enforceable, a judgment rendered must be maintained until it has been satisfied. To maintain a judgment, it must be revived every ten years according to Louisiana’s Code of Civil Procedure Article 3501. The procedure for maintaining or as stated in Louisiana law reviving a judgment is set forth in Louisiana’s Code of Civil Procedure Article 2031 which provides that a money judgment may be revived at any time before it prescribes by the filing of an ex parte motion brought in the court and suit in which the judgment was rendered.  The filing of the motion to revive interrupts the prescriptive period, (the afore mentioned ten-year period of time) applicable to the judgment.  This motion has particular requirements including an affidavit of the holder and owner of the judgment stating that the original judgment has not been satisfied.  The attorneys at The Kyle Law Firm have years of experience in maintaining as well as enforcement and collection of money judgments, give us a call at: 225-293-8400, to see if we can assist you.

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