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Our firm includes a lawyer who is also a licensed contractor and active property developer and our decades of experience with construction and development includes everything from paving the way before you with the protection of the right contract to assistance in resolving disputes and everything in between. 


We investigate cause and origin in residential and commercial settings on behalf of plaintiff-owners, defendant contractors, or governmental agencies.  We piece together delay claims and defenses and determine applicable construction standards.  We deal extensively with governmental regulation, dissecting complex contract accounting disputes, assisting in bidding and bid disputes, subcontractor disputes, and placing or removing construction liens.  


So, whether your issue involves a single family home or large and complex commercial construction, our experience, skills, services and relationships with necessary experts are all available to meet your needs.  Our experience specifically includes:

  • Government Procurement 

  • Delay Claims

  • Structural Defects

  • Withheld Payments

  • Punch Lists

  • Non-conforming and Defective Work

  • Unforeseen and Changed Conditions

  • Defective Design

  • Claims for Additional Work

  • Bid Disputes

  • Surety Rights

  • Defective Bids

  • Public and Private Liens

  • Public Bid Law Disputes

  • Regulatory Issues

  • Contract Disputes

  • Contract Drafting

  • Subcontractor Disputes

  • Termination Disputes

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