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Maximizing Your Return When Selling Your Business

You've devoted your time, money and energy into building your company. Now, you have decided to sell your business and realize the benefits of your investment.

The right business purchase transaction can sell your business at a profit while the wrong approach can leave you in a much worse position than you had envisioned. Although your business is a commercial venture, building something from the ground up requires a personal and emotional undertaking. Business owners feel pride of ownership over what they have built and accomplished and appropriately so, as building a successful business is anything but easy.

You must do your due diligence before you sign away your business rights to someone else. The last thing you want is to have your hard work stripped from you without proper credit or just compensation. You must make sure all the important issues have been considered and addressed before signing any business purchase agreement.

The best way to protect your interests in any transaction involving the sale of a Louisiana business is to hire a local business lawyer to guide you through the process. Your business attorney can help:

  • Evaluate your market for the best opportunities

  • Represent your business interests and personal goals

  • Bring in experts to appraise the value of your business and its assets

  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of your business purchase agreement with the buyer

  • Draft the business purchase agreement for the anticipated sale

Every business, industry and market are different, which is why the same business purchase agreement won't work for any two separate transactions. Using a common form or template for such an important transaction would be an irreversible mistake. Your business purchase agreement must consider the unique nature of your business and the market in which you operate, as well as address all applicable legal considerations involved in a transaction as important as the sale of your business, the attorneys at The Kyle Law Firm can help, give us a call at: 225-293-8400.

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