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Contracts in Louisiana

Louisiana Civil Code Art. 1906 defines a contract as an agreement by two or more parties whereby obligations are created, modified, or extinguished, and once created operates as the law between the parties for the matters at issue in the contract. Louisiana Civil Code Art. 1983 succinctly states, “contracts have the effect of law for the parties and may be dissolved only through the consent of the parties or on grounds provided by law. Contracts must be performed in good faith”. While this law is concise and straightforward it is also powerful. When drafting a contract, it is crucial to anticipate as much as reasonably possible any potential areas of future conflict and eliminate any ambiguity which may interfere with execution and enforcement of the contract. The attorneys at The Kyle Law Firm have years of experience in drafting effective and enforceable contracts, give us a call at: 225-293-8400.

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